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Skit / Role Play

Skit/Role Play:

Introduction to Teen Domestic Violence Themes


Source:  http://www.teen.domestic.violenceworkshop

From Catholic University of America’s Law School Domestic Violence Workshop Series



Disclaimer:  (note to presenter: explain the disclaimer) Throughout the presentation I may speak more frequently of victims as women. This is not to say that men are never victims or that      women never abuse.  Obviously, that is not true.  However, the         statistics on domestic violence show that approximately 95% of    adult domestic violence victims are women.  Likewise, teen      studies reflect similar numbers.  Remember though, abuse is    wrong no matter who is doing it. 




Actors:  Select 2 students and 1 instructor to play the following roles

          Jasmine:  student who experiences abuse

          Mike:  Jasmine’s boyfriend

          Leo:  Jasmine’s friend


Role Play: 

-Jasmine and Mike have been dating for 6 months.  They are at a       party; Mike sees Jasmine talking to Leo and overhears her          saying that she likes his new car.


          *gets angry because he does not have a car and had to bring             Jasmine to the party on the bus

          *he goes over and grabs Jasmine by the arm and pulls her             outside

          *he yells at her and says that he doesn’t want her talking

                 with Leo again

          *his face is red and he is shaking Jasmine while he is yelling

            at her


          *she is very embarrassed that Mike grabbed her and yelled at             her in the middle of the party


          *she tells Mike to leave her alone


-Provide the following background information to the class:

          *you are about to see a scene from a high school party

          *Jasmine and Mike have been dating for 6 months

          *Mike sees Jasmine talking to Leo (a friend) at the party





Discussion Questions:

          1.  What did you see happening between Mike and Jasmine?


          2.  Does anyone think there was anything wrong with what 

          Mike did?  What was wrong? (be prepared for students to  

          think there was nothing wrong with Mike’s actions and 

          prepare a response for those students)


          3.  How do you think Jasmine feels about what Mike did?


          4.  How would you feel if someone did this to you?


          5.  Would you call Mike’s actions abuse?


          6.  What kind of abuse?


          7.  Those who think what Mike did was not abusive, raise your                hands.


          8.  Why do you think what just happened was not abusive?


          9.  Is this likely to be an isolated incident?  Might the things               Mike did be part of a larger pattern of abuse?


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